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Information For Obtaining A Permit In A Floodway
When property is located in or close to a flood hazard area, or in multiple flood zones, the following will be required:

If the structure is within the floodway boundary, a Mississippi registered engineer must design, stamp, and sign the footing and foundation plan. A Floodway Calculations Data Report and a No-Rise Certification must be submitted with the plans. This must be stamped and signed by a Mississippi registered engineer.

Note: as of October 2000, the zoning ordinance adopted by Harrison County requires that the lowest floor be an additional two (2) feet higher than FEMA's required base flood elevation.

If the structure is a new construction being built, a certification of the lowest floor must be provided within ten (10) days after the lowest floor is established.
(Under construction elevation certificate)

When the structure is completed, a finished construction elevation certificate will need to be furnished before a final inspection can be made.

Procedures for "No Rise' Certification for Proposed Developments in Regulatory Floodways
Section 60.3 (d) (3) of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) regulations states that a community shall "prohibit encroachments, including fill, new construction, substantial improvements, and other development within the adopted regulatory floodway unless it has been demonstrated through hydrologic and hydraulic analyses performed in accordance with standard engineering practice that the proposed encroachment would not result in any increase in flood levels within the community during the occurrence of the base (100 year) flood discharge."

Prior to issuing any building grading or development permits involving activities in a regulatory floodway, the community must obtain a certification stating the proposed development will not impact the pre-project base flood elevations, floodway elevations, or floodway data widths. The certification should be obtained from the permittee and be signed and sealed by a professional engineer.

The engineering or "no-rise" certification must be supported by technical data. The supporting technical data should be based upon the standard step-backwater computer model utilized to develop the 100-year floodway shown on the community's effective Flood Insurance Rate Map or Flood Boundary and Floodway Map (FBFM) and the results tabulated in the community's Flood Insurance Study (FIS).

Although communities are required to review and approve the "no-rise" submittals, they may request technical assistance and review from the FEMA regional office. However, if this alternative is chosen, the community must review the technical submittal package and verify that all supporting data, listed in the following paragraphs,a re included in the package before forwarding to FEMA.

To support a "no-rise" certification for proposed developments encroaching into the the regulatory floodway, a community will require that the following procedures be followed:

The "no-rise" supporting data and a copy of the engineering certification must be submitted to and reviewed by the appropriate community official prior to issuing a permit.

The "no-rise" supporting data should include, but may not be limited to:

The engineering "no-rise" certification and supporting technical data must stipulate NO impact on the 100-year flood elevations, floodway elevations, or floodway widths at the new cross-sections and at all existing cross-sections anywhere in the model. Therefore, the revised computer model should be run for a sufficient distance (usually one (1) mile, depending on hydraulic slope of the stream) upstream and downstream of the development site to insure proper "no-rise" certification.

Attached is a sample "no-rise" certification form that can be completed by a registered professional engineer and supplied to the community along with the supporting technical data when applying for a development permit.

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