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In the overall drainage system for Harrison County there are two components, those elements that are man made and those that are natural. Structures seen every day such as culverts, ditches, concrete curb and gutter work, and drainage ways are the man made portions; the wetlands, ponds, creeks, rivers and bayous represent the natural portion. Both work together in sequence to carry off and direct the surges of storm water to their final destination in the Mississippi Sound or wetland for recharging the ground water.

Planning for the proper distribution of stormwater runoff after the water has left private property is one of the day to day functions of the Engineering Department. Citizens see these elements in the form of the man made portions of the system. What is often not noticed as part of the system is the network natural water courses. Engineering's interest is in all these components.

To accomplish the smooth flow of stormwater, the Engineering Department works as a technical advisor with each of the District Road Departments to make sure that stormwater reaches its final destinations. If a citizen has a question or wishes to report a problem with the drainage system in an area of the County, the person should contact the District Road Department first. The Engineering Department's role is assisting the District Offices in the design of systems, not the routine maintenance. The telephone numbers of the District Offices are as follows:

An additional role played by the Engineering Department on some residential properties and all multi-family, commercial, and industrial properties is to review onsite stormwater drainage. For these properties, an applicant for a building permit must perform a drainage analysis of the site and submit a plan showing how stormwater will be handled during and after construction. The basic requirement of the process is that the rate of post-construction runoff not exceed the pre-construction rate. The County uses the 25 year storm as a bench mark. Multi-lot traditional subdivisions need a drainage plan submitted with the construction plans portion of their application.

In recent years, water quality has become a public issue. The EPA and Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) have mandated that Harrison County become compliant with the Clean Water Act of 1972 and subsequent revisions. As a result of this pressure, the County will adopt two ordinances early in 2009 dealing with the quality of water discharged from private and public property into the County drainage system. These ordinances will be discussed at length in the section on Stormwater found by clicking on the "Stormwater" bar on the Department Menu.

For the present time, stormwater management is assigned to the Engineering Department.

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