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Any time there is development in Harrison County that requires the submission of a site plan the County Engineering Department will need to review and approve the plan for proper storm water quantity management. If the proposed development will disturb one or more acres of land, and less than five acres, the Engineering office will also need to review and approve the plan for proper storm water quality management. The Engineering Department currently adheres to the requirements of the County Subdivision Regulations' Storm Water Management Requirements for storm water quantity management. The Harrison County Subdivision Regulations can be downloaded from the site found on the Harrison County Government link below.

Storm Water Management
When it rains cats and dogs, all that storm water has to go somewhere - and it's the job of our department to figure out just where that will be (and how it will get there).  Our department helps Harrison County remain compliant with all storm water handling laws to ensure that the County full of impermeable concrete and asphalt does not damage the surrounding environment with its excess runoff.

The Issue
Human activities, such as urbanization, alter drainage patterns and add pollutants to our rivers, wetlands, lakes and streams. Recent studies show that stormwater runoff is a major source of water pollution. Polluted runoff endangers our ponds, creeks, lakes, rivers, bayous and bays used by South Mississippians for recreation and fishing. Storm water not only carries soil particles, a major pollutant; but can also carry attached pollutants such as petroleum products, metals, chemicals, pesticides, nutrients and bacteria.

Sediment loading rates from construction sites are typically 10 to 20 times greater than preconstruction rate before the sites were disturbed. Over a short period of time, construction sites can contribute more sediment to receiving streams than was previously deposited over several decades. Sediment chokes out biological life when it reaches our bodies of water.

Since October 1992, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality has regulated the quality of storm water runoff by requiring a land disturbance or storm water permit. The regulations address pollution suspended and dissolved in storm water runoff that is discharged from noncompliant industrial, construction and residential sites disturbing an area of one acre or more, and urban storm sewers. The regulations came about because of amendments to the federal Clean Water Act, passed in 1972.

The Present
The Harrison County Engineering Department is obligated by State and Federal law to monitor the rate and quality of stormwater runoff on nearly all parcels of land in the unincorporated portion of the County. All properties between one and five acres where onsite activity disturbs the existing vegetation are specifically targeted. Parcel of less than one acre may be included if these are part of a larger development or if more than 20,000 square feet of impermeable surface is created on a site.

Websites For Additional Information on Stormwater Runoff Pollution

EPA’s Non Point Source Pollution Page -
The EPA’s website explains what Nonpoint pollution is. Find out more about nonpoint source pollution programs in the area. Learn how to prevent nonpoint source pollution. Learn about healthy watersheds and protecting and conserving valuable ecosystems.

Mississippi Department of Marine Resources
The Department of Marine Resources website has a lot of great information for children, teachers,
Boaters, marinas, etc. There is plenty of information on nonpoint source pollution, how to prevent stormwater runoff, and best management practices by Mississippi Gulf Coast Stormwater Management

MS State University Extension Service
This website contains publications on various topics. Correct Use of Your Septic Tank, Control of Garden Bugs, Household Cleaning Products, Maintaining a Sanitary Septic System, Lawn Mulching for Homeowners, Non-Chemical Weed Control and many more.

EPA’s Non Point Source Pollution Kids Page - Link:
This page is geared towards getting our youth involved with articles activates and games for kids.

If a citizen should become aware of a situation where pollutants are entering the stormwater drainage system in the unincorporated portion of the County or where land has been disturbed and erosion is causing sediment to enter the drainage system, Illegal Dumping or Improper Disposal of Household Hazardous Wastes, Automobile Wastes, Disposal of Litter, Leaking Individual On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems and Sewage Pollution.
Please call the Harrison County Stormwater Hotline at 228-832-3356.

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