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Fire Services

The Harrison County Fire Services proudly serves the citizens living in the areas outside the coastal cities of D'Iberville, Biloxi, Gulfport, Long Beach, and Pass Christian from Hancock County to Jackson, and up to Stone County. We protect a primarily rural but rapidly growing area measuring approximately 408 square miles with a population of 43,931. The Harrison County Fire Service has 8 full-time paid fire personnel, 1 clerical person, 6 part-time paid personnel, and 140 volunteers.

The area is divided into six (6) Fire Protection Grading Districts:

The volunteer firefighters are the backbone of the Harrison County Fire Service. They go about their work seeking little or no recognition. They offer the security and stability that there will be a response when disaster strikes.

Firefighting Duties
Firefighting requires an individual to perform a variety of duties. The conditions they work under vary greatly and are often adverse in nature. The physical and mental demands of it are rigorous. The calls they respond to can range from structural fires, vehicle fires, woods fires threatening structures, removing severely injured people from auto accidents, treating people who have been victims of crime, and even delivering babies. Providing emergency medical services involving trauma, illness, and personal tragedy is another major role of the a firefighter.

In addition to emergency duties, paid firefighters also do a number of non-emergency activities. They perform inspections, fire prevention activities, along with making sure all trucks and equipment are in good working condition and ready to respond at a moments notice. They are responsible for testing that has to be done on hydrants (wet and dry), hose tests, and pump tests on the trucks.

Firefighting requires constant training and updating of techniques to stay current on valuable fire and life safety information. All firefighters are required to have at least 24 hours of continuing training each year.

Training is the key to education. Education is the key to safety. Safety is the key to maintaining a lower worker's compensation loss ratio. That is why the Harrison County Fire Service encourages all paid and volunteer firefighters to take advantage of any and all training available to them.

In a city, a normal fire department operation would be 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year, and they would rely on hydrants as their water source. Harrison County Fire Service has approximately 140 men and women who risk their lives and donate their time to the County to protect their neighbor's lives and property.

As times change, it is harder and harder to retain highly trained and capable volunteer firefighters who have to juggle their time between work, family, fire training, fire department monthly meetings, and helping their fellow man in times of emergency.

We are limited to ponds, lakes, and rivers for our water supply source. We must transport our water by tanker truck to wherever it may be needed.

The Harrison County Fire Services mission statement is to save lives and protect property of and for the people of the unincorporated areas of Harrison County. To reach this goal, we shall use the M-B-O (Management By Objectives) and the four (4) P's (Planning, Prevention, Practice, and Partnership). When this comes together, we can and will save lives and property.

In ending, remember, "WHEN YOU NEED US - WE WILL BE THERE!"

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