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Harrison County Judicial 1
1801 23rd Ave
Gulfport, MS 39501

Harrison County Judicial 2
730 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
Biloxi, MS 39530

Chancery Court
Duties and Responsibilities
The Chancery Court Department assists attorneys and the public with filing cases related to divorce, adoption, estates, name changes, emancipation (declaring a minor to be 21 for work purposes), commitments, property title confirmation, property disputes (over $50,000), insurance settlements to minors and Department of Human Services support cases.

Chancellors - 8th Chancery Court District
Place 1 - Jim Persons
Place 2 - Jennifer Schloegel
Place 3 - Margaret Alfonso
Place 4 - Carter Bise
(Please contact the Chancellors through the Court Administrator's office)

Public Guardian
J.D. Lee

Filing Fees
Filing fees for Chancery Court are set by statutes in the Mississippi Code and must be paid at the time the case is filed.
Click here for a listing of the filing fees this office charges.

Contact Information
Clerks - Judicial District 1
Janice Daams - Supervisor
Phone: 228-865-4095Fax: 228-865-4054
Kelli Hicks - Deputy Clerk
Phone: 228-865-4095
Patricia Hudson - Deputy Clerk
Phone: 228-865-4092
Betty Martin
Phone: 228-865-4010Fax: 228-867-6523
Marie McAdams - Deputy Clerk
Jamie Morgan - Court Reporter
Phone: 228-669-7286
Dona Patterson - Deputy Clerk
Phone: 228-865-4146Fax: 228-865-4009
Leslie Sefton - Deputy Clerk
Phone: 228-867-6555
Kathy Tolbert - Clerk
Phone: 228-865-4095
Anne Wilkey - Deputy Clerk
Phone: 228-865-4094Fax: 228-865-4054
Clerks - Judicial District 2
Phone: 228-435-8280Fax: 228-435-8281
Priscilla Kahl - Deputy Clerk
Phone: 228-435-8228Fax: 228-435-8281
Melissa Miller - Court Clerk
Phone: 228-435-8228
Rochelle Montiforte - Deputy Clerk
Phone: 228-435-8228Fax: 228-435-8281
Court Administrators - Judicial District 1
Joy Danzey - Judge Alfonso/ Judge Persons
Phone: 228-865-4096Fax: 228-863-6339
Brooke Pollard - Judge Schloegel / Judge Bise
Phone: 228-865-4008Fax: 228-865-1646
Public Guardian - Judicial District 1
J.D. Lee - Public Guardian
Phone: 228-214-2222Fax: 228-214-2221
Lori Bingham - Administrative Assistant
Phone: 228-868-3326Fax: 228-214-2221
Judicial District 1 - 1801 23rd Ave Gulfport, MS 39501
Judicial District 2 - 730 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd Biloxi, MS 39530
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