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Chancery Clerk - Land Records Online
Many of Harrison County's land records are now available online!

Welcome to the Land Records Index Search system, where you can search by grantor (seller) or grantee (purchaser), by legal description or by recording information for records filed in both First (Gulfport) and Second (Biloxi) Judicial Districts. Please keep in mind the following date ranges for selecting your search criteria:

Grantor/Grantee or Recording Information Gulfport from - 5/13/1985
Biloxi from - 12/18/1985
Legal Description
(lot/block/subdivision or section/township/range)
Gulfport from - 1/1/1991
Biloxi from - 8/9/1994

This index includes records such as:


You can purchase by credit card images of these documents to view and print out for a fee of $0.50 per page (you must purchase the entire document). Documents are now free to view only.

For more information contact:
District 1: Norma Lear at 228-865-4036 or or
District 2: Gloria Davis at 228-435-8221 or

Judicial District 1 - 1801 23rd Ave Gulfport, MS 39501
Judicial District 2 - 730 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd Biloxi, MS 39530
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