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Connie Ladner - Circuit Clerk

Connie Ladner
Circuit Clerk

Elected: 2016
Current Term Ends: 01/05/2024

Connie holds thirty-five (35) years of experience at the Circuit Clerk’s Office, having started immediately after graduating Magna Cum Laude from St. John High School in 1984. She began under the leadership of Webb Lee and remained through Gayle Parker’s term that began in January 1992

Connie announced her candidacy on the heels of the retirement of long time Circuit Clerk, Gayle Parker. She ran unopposed for Circuit Clerk in 2015.

During her tenure, she has served as Chief Deputy Circuit Clerk for just over 15 years. She has received numerous hours of educational, job specific training; attended ECAM training with the Harrison County Election Commission; management, and most importantly on-the-job training. Connie has continuously been instrumental with the direction and conduction of the election process among all of the other Court related duties of the Circuit Clerk.

A priority for her is increase voter turnout to begin with educating K-12 students on the importance of voting and how each position affects us as citizens. She hopes to increase voter registration and voter participation, and wants the Circuit Clerk’s Office to become more involved in working with the community to expand the knowledge of the different aspects of the office. Connie is dedicated to continue working with both parties to produce fair and efficient elections.

Connie is a breast cancer survivor and is a major advocate for awareness. She is a member of the Orange Grove Kiwanis, Harrison County Republican Women, and the Gulfport Business Club.

She has been married to Leroy Ladner for 33 years, and they have one son, Cody Ladner.

Connie Ladner - Circuit Clerk
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