Currently it's 71.6°F and winds are from the NE @ 0.0 mph

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Harrison County Weather Station Data
Harrison County Board Of Supervisors
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The Harrison County Emergency Management Agency weather station was paid for, and is funded by, the Harrison County Board of Supervisors. This project would not have been possible without the help of your County Supervisors.
HCEMA , Gulfport, MS
Mostly cloudy and cooler. Windy with possible wind shift to the W, NW, or N.
Current Weather Data For HCEMA , Gulfport, MS
(in = inches, mph = miles per hour, °F = fahrenheit)
Current Update Time: 9:29p     04/25/15
Temperature Humidity Dewpoint Wind Barometer
71.6 F 88 % 67.9 F NE @
0.0 mph
29.725 in
Rising Slowly
Heat Index Wind Chill Today's Rainfall Sunrise Sunset
73.6 F 71.6 F 1.14 in 6:18a 7:30p
Heat Data
(°F = fahrenheit)
Current Temperature: 71.6 F
Current Heat Index: 73.6 F
High Daily Index: 92.0 F @ 11:50a
Low Today: 69.2 F @ 2:27p
High Today: 82.0 F @ 11:51a
Monthly Low: 53.6 F
Monthly High: 83.9 F
Yearly Low: 20.0 F
Yearly High: 85.0 F
High Monthly Heat Index: 92.0 F
High Yearly Heat Index: 92.0 F
Rain Data
(in = Inches)
Current Rainfall: 1.14 in
Rain Rate: 0.00 in/hr
Storm Rainfall: 1.14 in
High Rain Rate 7.68 in/hr @ 2:11p
Monthly Rain: 10.15 in
Yearly Rain: 21.04 in
High Monthly Rate: 9.44 in/hr
High Yearly Rate: 9.44 in/hr
Humidity Data
(% = Percent)
Current Humidity: 88%
Low Humidity: 72%
High Humidity: 99% @ 4:57a
Low Monthly: %
High Monthly: %
Low Yearly: 22%
High Yearly: 100%
Dewpoint Data
(°F = fahrenheit)
Current Dew Point: 67.9F
Low Dew Point: 68.0F @ 5:09p
High Dew Point: 78.0F @ 9:16a
Monthly Low: 42.0F
Monthly High: 78.0F
Yearly Low: 6.0F
Yearly High: 78.0F
Wind Data
(mph = Miles Per Hour)
Current Data: NE @ 0.0 mph
High Wind Speed: 39.0 mph @ 2:01p
High Monthly Wind Speed: 39.0 mph
High Yearly Wind Speed: 39.0 mph
Current Wind Chill: 71.6 F
Low Wind Chill: 66.0 F @ 2:21p
Low Monthly Windchill: 53.0 F
Low Yearly Windchill: 11.0 F
Barometric Data
(in = Inches)
Current Barometric Data: 29.725in
Hourly Barometer: Rising Slowly
Low Barometer: 29.639in @ 5:23p
High Barometer: 29.918in @ 2:11p
Low Monthly Data: 29.639in
High Monthly Data: 30.227in
Low Yearly Data: 29.613in
High Yearly Data: 30.628in

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